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Fundamental research
ISSN 1812-7339
"Перечень" ВАК
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Artemenko M.V.

Health of the population in region now is defined by the analysis of levels sickness rate on various nozologys - differential methodology as a matter of fact is used. We offer to consider an integrated parameter of an estimation of the status of health based on the theories of functional systems and classter-analysis, which essence consists in the following. The system estimation of the status of health is carried out in a hierarchical chain: a crate - body - physiological system - organism - population. The functioning of each level in hierarchy and in адаптационной of intensity is offered to be divided on 3-7 "labels": norm, insignificant deviation from norm, "returnable" deviation (disease), "irretrievable" transitive deviation (intensive development of pathological process), "irretrievable" steady deviation (pathology). In this plan, on our sight, as the qualifier of bioobject on "labels" the application of the following integrated parameter (functioning of bioobject in environment) is possible:


where Xi - meaning of the characteristic i, Xi,norm, σi, norms - nominal (modal) meaning and root-mean-square mistake, αi- the degree of the importance (is defined by an expert way or experimentally, for example, with the help of the device artificial neural networks). Then in considered hierarchy: at a level of a crate - in quality Х the characteristics of its functional existence are used; at a level of a body - in quality Х the normative characteristics of its functioning in the certain physiological system are applied; at a level of physiological system - its characteristics determining normal functioning in structure of organism (for example, parameters of a connecting fabric); at a level of organism - parameters IPFB of various physiological systems; at a level of a population - parameters IPFB of organism. With the purposes of universal scaleers of meanings IPFB at various hierarchical levels the severe regulation and standartation of the characteristics Х is offered, to use a logarithmic scale at classter-analysis IPFB, quantity classes of condition IPFB to choose: a crate - 7, body - 5, physiological system - 5, organism - 4, population - 3.